Masaki Matsushima D3 | New Structure of 3D Printed Glasses

Masaki Matsushima D3, is an incomparable line of eyewear that skillfully incorporates 3D printing technology into its designs. The futuristic design is not only unique, but also offers unprecedented comfort thanks to the elasticity of its structure. The material used is PA11 (polyamide), which is approximately 40% lighter than acetate and has a high level of impact resistance and tenacity. While incorporating cutting-edge technology, the metal parts and polishing process are a condensed version of the eyeglass-making techniques cultivated in Sabae. The unique matte and smooth texture creates a sense of quality.

▲ MF3D-101
Temples with a three-dimensional structure that twists intricately to create a spring-like elasticity. The edgy front undulation enhances the stylishness, while the nylol shape creates a strange sense of space. D3’s ambitious work is packed with playfulness and functionality while maintaining the strict image of square frames. The 3D printing technology and PA11 material are responsible for the one-of-a-kind fit, and the rubber padding and modern design complement these characteristics. 35,200 yen

▲ MF3D-102
Combination of 3D printed front with special surface treatment and titanium temples. The bridge with a truss structure and the sides with a unique form are inorganic, yet somehow organic. These create just the right amount of torsion to provide a soft and comfortable fit.

▲ MF3D-103
This model has a polygonal front, and the flow from the sides of the front to the yoloi and temples is captivating. The titanium temples that continue beyond the yoloi, which respond to three-dimensional movement, are beautifully surface-cut, and the contrast between the texture of the plastic and the metal adds a sense of luxury to the overall look.。