Savanah Eyes: A Mixed Blood. Celebration of Femininity and Modern Fashion

Savanah Eyes – a new name in the world of eyewear fashion, an exclusive selection of premium and stylish sunglasses. Founded by Mrs. Gigi and Mr. Achim Beisswanger, a Chinese-German couple with years of experience in making high-end eyewear. The difference in their cultural backgrounds and also their mutual passion for eyewear have transformed into a brand which perfectly combines the best of East and West, meanwhile, presents the charisma of the glamorous and confident ladies.

Savanah Eyes is created to reflect the German spirit of precision and high level of craftsmanship and present fashionable, comfortable and high-quality eyewear design with pleasant wearing comfort. The looks are absolutely sassy and feminine in vibrant colors, despite the simple yet aesthetics lines. Exquisite design just like works of art, high-end customization, breath-taking shapes.

Spring Time
Spring Time is a posh cat-eye style with an elegant 3D facet in the front. The intriguing colour range enhances the wow effect caused by this butterfly style.

Spring Time – C1 (Buy here on VMAGASTORE)

Summer Wind
Summer Wind is a truly remarkable style, a delicate and unique interaction of high-end metal and delicately crafted acetate. All this brought together in breath-taking shape and colours.

Summer Wind – C1 (Buy here on VMAGASTORE)

Night Sky
Night Sky – square and cool. The gradient color concept adds a distinct tasteful note to this unique shape design.

Night Sky – C2 (Buy here on VMAGASTORE)


Raindrop is a celebration of femininity. A sassy over-sized cat eye shape with stylish 2-tone colour metal temples.

Raindrop – C3 (Buy here on VMAGASTORE)

Horizon is a cool hexagonal shape design in an Aviator look. The 3D facet in the front award the whole frame a comfortable and high-quality feeling.

Horizon – C3 (Buy here on VMAGASTORE)

Sunrise gives a new twist to one of the most iconic eye shapes of the 70’s. The smart usage of acetates with several color layers creates color effects unseen before.

Sunrise – C2 (Buy here on VMAGASTORE)

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