Feast Your Eyes At Kuboraum’s First Flagship Store in Milan

In occasion of Kuboraum‘s 10th Anniversary this year, it makes its debut in Italy with the first flagship store in Milan, following the first and historical store in Berlin.

Not far from Milan’s city center, visitors are immersed into a blue ocean Odyssey of antiqued mirrors made in collaboration with the artist Emiliano Maggi. His glazed ceramic hybrids float and sink into the foreground of a patchwork wall of plaster, which was realized as a tribute to the Canova in occasion of the 200th anniversary after his death.

Emiliano Maggi’s alienating ceramic figures specifically produced for Kuboraum’s Milan space manage to combine psychedelic scenarios with mythological symbolism, rituals and rural iconography made of fairy tales and dreams with hypnotic settings from our own 1970s horror.

Constantly transcending and bridging narratives of eyewear, art and music Kuboraum unveiled an installation-window in collaboration with the artist Agnes Questionmark (Agnes?) during the 60th Salone del Mobile. In reminiscence of Agnes Questionmark’s (Agnes?) performance SIRENOMELIA presented at Casa Flash Art during Kuboraum’s ‘10 Years Of Travelling’ event, the window was home to the 25 kg silicon tail realized by the multidisciplinary artist Anthr0morph.

The eye leaps back and forth between the surface and the space, leading visitors to the second room that houses INNERRAUM. A sci-fi style light box hosting an entirely glass made shelf structure produced by Glass Italia and designed in collaboration with the architect Andrea Eusebi. Given the strong display soul, the space offers an experience beyond the concept of retail, re-enchanting reality.


Photo credit: © Pier Carlo Quecchia