Kering Eyewear launches a two-year collaboration project “Kering Eyewear Through Their Eyes” with international artists

Kering Eyewear announces the launch of the “Kering Eyewear Through Their Eyes” project: a series of collaborations with international artists to develop creative concepts designed to revisit the values of Kering Eyewear and its collections using new languages and bringing together different art forms.

Since its creation in 2014, Kering Eyewear has dedicated its efforts to developing its brand portfolio with the objective of unleashing the potential of each brand in a creative and sustainable way. With this initiative, Kering Eyewear creates a direct link with the world of art and design, choosing digital art, the new frontier of creativity and the synthesis of technological progress and multimedia art.

The artists chosen for “Kering Eyewear Through Their Eyes” will be featured each season, bringing their art to support Kering Eyewear and interpreting, through their creative vision and digital technology, the visual universe and aesthetic codes of the company and its products.

For the first edition of the project, Kering Eyewear teamed up with Camilla Falsini, a young illustrator, muralist and multimedia artist from Rome, whose style combines vector drawing, digital collage and material applications, characterized by an explosion of colors and an iconography that brings the artistic avant-garde techniques of the 20th century into the contemporary world.

Camilla Falsini – a young illustrator, muralist and multimedia artist from Rome

“Thanks to this project, Kering Eyewear takes a further step forward by approaching the world of art and using a new language, with the objective of experimenting with and figuratively conveying Kering Eyewear’s aesthetic codes and product collections,” commented Roberto Vedovotto, President and CEO of Kering Eyewear. “Camilla Falsini’s signature style is perfectly aligned with the young and dynamic spirit of Kering Eyewear. The artist has portrayed the values of the company in an innovative way, endowing her
work with an original and extremely identifiable style.”

The creative concept devised by Camilla, “Look Into My Eyewear”, featuring the artist’s own fantastic, colorful and geometric style, offers a personal take, with a subjective and realistic synthesis of the Kering Eyewear world.

Camilla Falsini’s digital works will fill the stores by adding color to the Digital Retail Concept, a retail environment designed by Kering Eyewear and enhanced by the power of digital, installed in selected locations and on display before the end of the year in around 100 points of sale in the world’s most prestigious shopping destinations. As part of the concept, digital screens can be updated and animated in real time, changing the look of the entire shop in just one click. Subsequently, the artist’s creations will be rolled out across several high-digital touchpoints, including relevant e-commerce platforms such as TMall and