Götti Switzerland Launched 2 models – Hanlon and Henis | Showing Pure Masterpiece Of Craftsmanship

Each of Götti glasses is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Milled from solid acetate sheets, polished by hand with a lot of passion and connected with real rivets. These glasses stand for quality combined with a lot of warmth.

The craft for these glasses is reflected in every detail. Finely rounded bevels and homogeneous transitions determine the character of the solid frames. Square rivet heads, which symbolize the Ö points, connect the high-quality hinge parts with the acetate. You can literally feel the passion behind it and smell the scent of freshly polished acetate. The eyewear quality seal for the finest craftsmanship. The retro shapes are available in dark classic shades. From a black grey, smoky green to structured Atlantic blue and moss green.


Hanlon – PMO
Hanlon – PMO
Each pair of glasses is ennobled with the name of the polisher in gold


Henis – PMO

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