10eyevan Reveals The 4th Category – The Sirmont Brow Style

“10eyevan” is eyewear that Hirotaka Nakagawa, designer of the EYEVAN design team, embodied the design and functionality that seems to be purely beautiful as a concept of “Beautiful Tool” based on his aesthetic sense. Based on the idea that a beautiful tool is a collection of beautiful parts, the design team created new design which are consisted of 10 special parts, selecting and examining parts carefully more than three years.

▲ These 10 parts are original and special, having both a beautiful shape and functionality: 1) β-titanium Torx screw 2) Closing block hinge 3) Titanium rim 4) 2 base curve lens 5) Shell shaped hinge 6) Natural shell pads 7) Crossed bridge 8) Flexible β- titanium wire temple 9) 18 K gold balancer end-tip 10) Silver 925 balancer end -tip

Continuing from the metal series to the celluloid series, the long-awaited new series “Sirmont” brow style has appeared while keeping the amount of heat. This model is different from the traditional Sirmont style, imbued with the brand’s modern charm style.

NO.1 is Wellington shape and NO.3 is Boston shape, both of them are the brand-specific types. The iconic 10eyevan titanium rim is combined with BIO ACETATE to reinterpret browline eyewear with concern on sustainability.

NO.1 col.10181S
NO.1 col.10163S
NO.3 col.10195S
NO.3 col.10174S

▲ The shell pads use natural shell which are made by artisans at a factory in Nara prefecture in Japan, known as one of the world best places where shell buttons for clothing are crafted. The nose pad has characteristics of deep gloss of natural material, a smooth texture and a smooth touch feeling. (image source: Continuer)

▲ As a new part, a flat washer is added to prevent the plastic of the blow part from spreading. The name “PULL TAB PLATE” was chosen because of the motif of the shape of an empty can’s can opener.

▲ Silver 925 decorative caulk with the design source being a Japanese electrical outlet from the 80’s. (image source: Continuer)

▲ The titanium rim is one of the most important parts of frame to hold a lens. There are “10” patterns on the backside of the unique shaped titanium rim with half-rounded front and straight backside. (image source: Continuer)

▲ This hinge is easy to exchange and attach, yet tight when putting on by using the original tool developed for this hinge, which has a really ideal construction for attaching.

▲ In order to keep balance at front and backward Silver 925 end-tip is placed at temple-end which is heavier specific gravity than titanium in the same volume. Thus, the part is completed having a function needed as a tool while keeping a compact size and a beautiful shape. (image source: Continuer)

10eyevan’s interpretation of the sirmont brow style is a collection of parts that combine aesthetics and functionality.

10eyevan website: https://10eyevan.com/