Look Into Our Camera For The Latest Offerings of 15 Eyewear Brands in MIDO 2022

The 50th edition of MIDO Eyewear Show, which has attracted much attention from people in the optical industry all over the world, was successfully held in early May. With the relaxed entry restrictions, VMAGAZINE reporter also flew to Milan to participate in this long-awaited event to explore new products, experience new trends and meet old buddies! To relive our on-site Facebook live, click here. Our ultimate focus, undoubtedly, was on those discerning independent eyewear brands. The following 4 videos will show you the new products of 15 brands: Lorico, Covrt Project, John Dalia, Sabine Be, Capote, Nirvan Javan, Tavat, Markus T, Vanni, NRC, Accrue, Lucas De Stael, Vysen, Undostrial and Resin!

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