Line Art CHARMANT Releases New Brio Collection | Beauty That Can be Seen and Felt

Line Art CHARMANT is a superior eyewear brand from Japan for devotees of beauty and excellence. The frames are ergonomically designed and made out of the Excellence Titan string, a highly flexible component that is Nickel-free and boosts special memory function that help the frame to maintain its shape. The biggest feature of Line Art CHARMANT frame is that the Excellence Titan string is processed into a three-dimensional shape through precise laser welding technology, that enable the frame exude a beautiful rhythm.

Brio, The New Line Art CHARMANT Collection Debut
Exquisite temples are a Line Art hallmark. The new series BRIO collection uses the laser welding technology to create a simple and elegant double-line design on the temples, which highlight the minimalist design and add contemporary elements. Each pair of Line Art frame from welding, coloring and assembly are all handmade in Japan, adhering to the three most important momentum of the brand – design, quality, comfort.

The fashionable violet color combined with glossy gold on the front rim is especially a perfect match for every elegant lady. This delightful, full rimmed shape is easy to wear with anything and able to highlight every look.  

The combination of cat-eye front shape and the shiny gold temples creates a chic look. The crystal red acetate and metal interplay channels the style-driven attitude.

This trendy hexagonal shape frame accentuates the sleek color lines with the mint green on the front rim and temples, which looks fresh when matched with the glossy silver. Minimalist yet chic.

Trendy hexagonal shape with slender blue color wrapped on the front rim, matches with the double-line design temples. This minimal yet iconic pair will bring intelligent character to your daily looks.

XL1805-BR | XL1805-AG
Retro Boston shape XL1805 makes a fresh look for Line Art CHARMANT collection.  XL1805-BR in shiny light gold in demi pattern around the rims is cool and sophisticated. XL1805-AG matches with matt gold rim and brown temples add the antique flavor on your overall look.

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