Perfect Sight In All Situation With Jaguar Sunglasses

It’s just April but the sun shines fiercely. Great sunglasses are a sun safe essentials and also the perfect fashion accessory. Jaguar sunglasses have always been a popular choice for men, stylish and full of masculine charm. They are not only significantly close to the cars in terms of design, shapes, colours, materials and technology, but are also characterised by outstanding comfort. All frames are equipped with high class sun protective lenses such as Blue Blocker, Nano or polarising lenses or with back surface anti-reflection coating to ensure ideal vision in all situations – not just during the drive.

Blue Blocker Lenses provide sharper vision and enhance contrast of colours and details. They also guarantee protection from the strong glare of blue light. Nano lenses apply nano ultra-hard coating – exceptional clarity, high scratch resistance, brilliant lustre. They offer superior optical performance and help  reduce surface rainbow colours. Polarizing lenses offer highly improved reduction of the effects of glare and reflecting light. They provide perfect protection in extremely bright sunlight, e.g. on the beach or in the mountains. Besides, they can enhance contrasts and brilliant colour definition – even in very bright sunlight. Some frames are equipped with back surface anti-reflection coating, which protect the eyes from lateral glare reflection off the inside of the lens, prevent eye fatigue, and bring crisp, clear vision.

Editor’s Pick of Jaguar’s latest styles

Jaguar 4882
A new model in the Heritage collection, this vintage-inspired hue blend with an elegant look, perfect for casual outdoor looks.

Jaguar 4200
The classic undefeated Aviator shape is matched with an all-black tone, showing the wearer’s charming personality.

Jaguar 6500
The translucent frame is made of lightweight material Ultem, which brings a sense of lightness visually and is very comfortable to wear.