Light And Bold. Modo Launches its SS22 Air/Bold Campaign

From the colorful walls in Ortica to more traditional Italian architecture, Modo took to the streets of Milan for the SS22 campaign photo shoot. The city offered the perfect backdrops to enhance the lightness, and new boldness, of the brand.

Modo never stops exploring, and this year, has added new layers to its look, introducing bold styles, more constructed, more faceted and with thicker profiles. With this campaign, the brand develops its communication with opticians and consumers, streamlining the structure of its product portfolio into three segments: Air, Bold and Sun.

Air is synonymous with design, technical details, lightness and flexibility, presents Modo’s idea of ​​minimalism, for which the brand is well known. Beta Titanium plays the starring role, in the ultra flexible and comfortable Paper-Thin Collection at just 6.8 grams and 0.6 mm thick, or in the Beta Titanium Air Collection, the ultimate in lightness, or combined with acetate to enhance its performance.

4434 – TEAL
4250 – NAVY

The Bold collection reinterprets the most iconic and timeless eyewear. The collection offers expressive and strong designs but surprises for extreme lightness. Lightness is the common trait between Air and Bold. It is a trademark. Modo’s design always offers light and functional frames.

7049A – PNKTT
7050A – RED

Sun is all driven by the same approach. The collection strikes the perfect balance between style and performance, thanks to HCD (High Chromatic Definition) polarized lenses and innovative materials.

475 – Grey

Modo’s identity becomes more articulated, ready to be projected into the future.

For more information, please visit Modo’s website.