Brand New Made In Japan Eyewear Series AQUA LIBERTY, Brings You Carefree Vision Experience

In addition to style, do you pay special attention to wearing comfort when buying a new pair of glasses? For people with vision impact, they wear glasses for the whole day, up to 10 hours a day, a pair of comfortable eyewear that will not cause ear and nose pressure is actually the paramount key! The famous Japanese eyewear group Charmant has newly launched this brand-new eyewear series AQ (Aqua Liberty) which is designed to make you feel the best balance of “lightness” and “stability”, that everyone who wears AQ for the first time can feel the glasses that fit perfectly and enjoy a care free vision life.

AQ is a combination of the two words – Aqua and Liberty, which means to be free, like relaxing in the water. Each pair of glasses is made in Japan, using the Group’s Japanese technology. Designers consider the important elements of eyewear comfort, such as “lightness” and “stable” when designing eyewear styles. Not only focus on the front design and hinge part but also consider the overall balance of temple curve and end-tips. Each frame has been verified by fitting into the 3-dimensional head model.

AQ glasses are made of flexible and lightweight β Titanium material, ensuring that each pair of glasses gently wraps the face, while maintaining a stable position. In addition, the widened end-tips increases the contact area, dispersing the pressure on the back of the ear, and stably fits comfortably. 

Scroll down to have a look at these popular eyewear styles from the first collection.

#1 | AQ22503 DA
This demi colored frame is the perfect choice for those who love the classic category. Thin acetate front with slim β Titanium temples, which brings out the overall three-dimensional feel while maintaining the overall weight of the frame. Right frame shape with sleek design, embossing pattern on the nose bridge and the perfect balance frame weight. All reflect the Made in Japan details from the brand.

#2 | AQ22516 DB
A touch of colour is added on the front of this delicate soft hexagonal wire rim frame AQ22516, giving it a sense of vivid and bring a basic look to life.

#3 | AQ22513 YE
The stylish and transparent design of the crown-shaped frame AQ22513 adds a fresh and energetic feels to your life. 138mm temple length fit for most Asian women’s head shape.

#4 | AQ22526 BG
This angular polygonal shape design AQ model, the best selection for small face girl. The inner layer titanium material matches with the blue-green colored outer stile to create a different level.  The frame matches with lightweight β-titanium temples, which is perfect fit for different occasion.

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