Our Editors Love These J.R. REY New Models with Unprecedented New Hinge

J.R. REY has released new concept of screwless hinge using advanced 3D printing technology! These hybrid frames which combine metal with 3D printed nylon offer an unprecedented new hinge concept in the eyewear industry. Thanks to the SLS© 3D printing technology, it was possible to shape a screwless hinge, extremely flexible, allowing the temples to be removed from the frame easily, without any tool. The bold and graphic identity of the model, typically J.F. Rey, is carried by an alternating play of construction/deconstruction of the 3D material on the face, strongly supported by eye-catching colors that show off the contemporary and distinctive expression of the model.

* SLS© (Selective Laser Sintering)

JF2982 – Black
JF2982 – Red
JF2983 – Brown
JF2983 – Orange

J.F.Rey Instagram: jfreyofficial