MOVITRA Launches Its First Optical Collection | Let’s Do The Twist!

MOVITRA, the pioneers of a one-of-a-kind folding design of sunglasses patented in 2016, have confirmed the growth of their global distribution network, following the release in February of their first optical designs. Beyond their home market of Italy, the label has established distribution in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Switzerland. In 2021, they have added distribution partners in Albania, Austria, Germany, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Puerto Rico, Poland, UAE and the UK.

Today, MOVITRA’s comprehensive sun and optical collection is characterized by a combination of abstract inspiration and technical expertise, resulting in an impressive contemporary identity and smart Italian infused aesthetic style. The sunglass collection comprises 20 styles for men and women while the new optical collection consists of four new models – ARGO, HORUS, ESACO and ISI. The ARGO and the HORUS propose a lightweight combination of acetate and stainless steel, the first time this combination of materials has appeared in the line. All four optical frames are characterized by a minimal, light and comfortable construction resulting from a meticulous technical development of both the frame and the rotating system, a key focus for this collection going forward.