Conceptual Eyewear Brand That Opens The Door To The Future: VOA Collective

VOA Collective is a limited-edition conceptual masterpieces brand, focused on drawing the aesthetics of a utopian future into the present. VOA frames are uniquely tailored by artisans in Japan using top-tier techniques and presented as museum-quality pieces. Its unique design is a bridge between contemporary art and philosophy, made for those who are looking for a timeless piece versus a distinctive accessory that goes beyond its design and represents a collective, known in-house as “The Collective” (hence its brand name). Designed by an anonymous creative director, VOA are set to make a bold statement in the eyewear industry disrupting with its rules, and the Season 01 collection is just the beginning.

VOA Season 01 comprises a limited run of four individuated designs, each named for a moon of Jupiter, that embodies growth and expansion: Eurydome, Thebe, Themisto and Lysithea. From an apparent chaos, the Season 01 collection plays with aggregate formations of geometrically discordant shapes and creates a new kind of wearable harmony. All the pieces of the collection are wrought in Japanese pure titanium and plated with 24k gold. The Collection is available in a very limited batch via VOA Collective’s website and on selected boutiques around the world. VOA

▲ Eurydome is the first model of VOA Season 01 collection and like all the pieces of this collection, Eurydome represents minimalism at its finest with a full frame-less lens and VOA’s signature temples.

▲ Thebe is the second model of VOA Season 01 collection and sets itself as the most special piece of the collection due to its multiple lenses that conform a futuristic shape that make Thebe unmistakeable. Those who are on a mission to become a better version of themselves love Thebe.

▲ Themisto is the third model of VOA Season 01 collection, with a beautifully inserted gold route that goes from the left lens until the right lens only discontinued by the nasal area. A refined gold bridge unites both lenses from the top and ends with VOA’s signature temples.

▲ Lysithea is the closing model of VOA Season 01 collection and is thought for the non-conformists, those who choose museum-quality designs and set the trends with their unique vision of the future.

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