AMBUSH x GENTLE MONSTER Launches The Second Collaborative Collection

After the success of their first collaboration eyewear, Gentle Monster and Ambush are reuniting to launch their new collection. Minimal yet edgy, this collection is inspired by ‘climbing’, featuring two sunglass designs each with three color options and a ‘CARABINER’ detail that highlights two brands’ identities.

Ambush’s creative director YOON has remarked “Gentle Monster has been incredible with its unique vision and presence in the industry, pumping out many unique pieces straight from Korea, my motherland. I’m proud to announce our second collaboration using our classic motifs found in our jewelry line, ‘carabiner’.” Since its debut in Hong Kong, it has already won the favor of some popular celebrities in Hong Kong, like Jeannie and Jace.

Jeannie | Instagram@2eggs4yolks

Jace | Instagram@jacechw

The new co-branded collection brings to us two styles: square and oval sunglasses, each with 3 color options, including classic black, gradient orange and sapphire blue, combined with the D-shaped carabiners on the arms, creating a sporty and fashionable vibe in an unique form. The lenses provide full UV protection. While creating a fashionable look, it also effectively protects the eyes.

CARABINER 1 – HK$2,580
Carabiner 1 is a square acetate frame in black or blue. These sunglasses feature a bold front with 100% UV protected black Zeiss lenses along with voluminous temples detailed with the D-shaped carabiners on each of the temples to accentuate the uniqueness and identity of both brands.

CARABINER 2 – HK$2,580
Carabiner 2 is a black or blue acetate cat-eye frame. Fitted with 100% UV protected orange gradient/ black/ blue lenses, this wide oval frame features a harmonious balance of soft curves. The voluminous temples detailed with the D-shaped carabiners and logos on the temples to accentuate the uniqueness and identities of both brands.

Inspired by Ambush’s multi-cord detail, this package features bold colored drawstrings and a silver carabiner allowing various ways to style.