CHARMANT Perfect Comfort | Eyewear Made With Ingenuity. Embracing Ultimate Wearing Comfort

Wearing comfort is of paramount importance to those who need to wear glasses all day long. The surgical mask is already an extra burden to our face, we wouldn’t want to have any more pressure. When it comes to the most comfortable eyewear brands, CHARMANT Eyewear should go unnoticed. CHARMANT Perfect Comfort is CHARMANT Eyewear’s value-added titanium eyewear line with a strong focus on ‘comfort’.  Thanks to the scientifically engineered comfort components, the frames are the ideal companion for all day wearing in any situation.

Ergonomically designed, each model is decked out with special features and crafted from superior ophthalmic materials. Gently curving temples that adjust to any head shape, nose pads that adapt to the individual wearer and contoured end tips that lessen pressure are fundamental elements of each CHARMANT Perfect Comfort.

New CHARMANT Perfect Comfort collection delivers all of the key performance aspects of the brand. Design focuses on the optimisation of comfort and flexibility through the use of premium materials and visually adds modern colour expressions.

CH10652 for Women
This brand new frame from the CHARMANT PERFECT COMFORT collection delivers comfort in a stylish full-rimmed look. Youthful roundish front shape in slim line creates a light feeling. In addition to this roundish youthful shape detail a chain ring design on the temples adds another eye-catching detail to this new style.

CH12353 for Men
This clean, full rimmed look is perfect choice for men who want high-quality eyewear that fits in their daily lives. Temples are pressure light thanks to sophisticated new components made of Excellence Titan – CHARMANT patent material. Adaptive nose pad and gently curve temples alleviate pressure and provides ultimate comfort to the wearer.
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