Sea2see Produces Seastainable Eyewear From Marine Plastic Waste

Over-exploitation and pollution have always been the reason why the vast ocean has turned into a huge garbage dump. Fishing nets and plastic products discarded after fishing have often become weapons that threaten the survival of marine life. Human’s selfish behavior not only harms the land, but the ocean is also at stake. While there is a “seastainable” brand Sea2see which has took action since 2015 to against ocean contamination.

Sea2see’s objective has been to create a global consciousness in regard to the issues of ocean plastic contamination and the unsustainable optical and fashion industry. They have pioneered a seastainable change in the eyewear industry proving that marine plastic waste is a great source of raw material. They don’t produce glasses or watches, but a statement of change, which can be worn by anybody willing to stand for the Oceans.

Belgium vice prime minister Didier Reynders presenting Sea2See in the U-N assembly.

“The Sea2see philosophy is completely unique in the eyewear industry. It is based on taking environmental action to help save the ocean and making each person who wears Sea2see part of the change”. François van den Abeele, Sea2see.

All the frames are made in Italy exclusively from 100% marine plastic waste collected by Sea2see. This waste is up-cycled into a reusable raw material in the form of pellets called UPSEA™ PLAST. The material is Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified and represents a unique development in eyewear, combining a quality finish with durability, lightness and ease of wear.

Exceptional in the way they are created and stylish to wear, Sea2see’s 2021 sustainable frames offer extensive choice in shape and style, with products for men and women, including new “petite” fit designs. Lightweight and detail-oriented to provide comfort and stylistic flair, the frames for 2021 are characterized by timeless yet contemporary colour combinations and graduated and nature-inspired ‘ripple effect’ tones.

In addition to producing eyewear, Sea2see also uses upgraded marine waste plastics to make watches, which are produced by Switzerland, a major watch country, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. The brand teamed up with a great family that has been manufacturing watches for the last 30 years for the most prestigious brands. Each watch is built from start to finish combining the traditional methods of production with the Swiss ‘savoir faire’. For each purchase, the brand will make donation to Free The Slaves, an international rescue organization, which will provide 10 day’s education for one rescued child.

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