EYEVAN 2021 Spring Summer Collection | “A Scene From 90s Movies”

Night on the Planet, BUFFALO’66, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and The Usual Suspects. Movies that are called masterpieces born in the 90s have nostalgic and classic atmosphere somehow. EYEVAN’s Spring Summer collection is inspired by the characters in the 90’s movies and designed with the EYEVAN’s brand concept “Classic” in mind.

▲ This ingeniously designed metal frame BALURE is inspired by two completely different categories: the safety glasses of the 30s and the 14K reading glasses of the early 1900s. For the bridge, it’s a new double bridge, a unique design that uses a saddle bridge-like piece and integrated soldered bridge arms. New straight temples EVPS (EYEVAN PERFORTED STRAIGHT) TEMPLE is stepped from 2.0 mm to 0.8 mm in increments of 0.1 mm with a delicate technique, and holes are drilled one by one with a laser to achieve a one-of-a-kind design. In addition, the stopper hinge mechanism reduces stress during storage.

▲ BLANKS is an updated version of “CARAVAN” , which is characterized by the unique design of putting the brow parts on the metal rim and showing the entire rim from the front. The bridge is a double bridge style that combines strength and design. Inspired by modern architecture, the temples are made of 3.5mm titanium material and designed with a three-dimensional hole shape that takes more than twice as long as the usual time to form, which also sticks to the comfort of wearing.

▲ A cut that leaves an outline by hydraulic press on the fleshy front inspired by French vintage. Sadler Sun is a unique design with thicker, wider temples. The front and temple hinges are EYEVAN original triangular pedestal hinges that were used for vintage samples stored in the factory is reproduced in. For the pins, a reinforcing part is used to prevent the pin from falling out, which was used in the 90s. The sunglasses are made with great attention to detail.

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