MASUNAGA SS2021 Eyewear Collection | Wearable Yet Sophisticated

There are that type of eyewear designs which flatter your eyes a lot, but you might not want to wear it on the street as it looks too “over”. Wearability is as important as craftsmanship, first-class materials, construction and delicate shades. The Japanese brand Masunaga has united all of the above traits. More than that, their understated designs are naturally imbued with elegance, nobility and originality. Easy to wear and easy to express one’s individuality. The latest collection of the brand is no exception. Exploring nostalgic and modern styles at a level of mastery.

Chord D
Chord D is a rounded square shape which gives an affectionate look. It comes in two version: Ti version and Ti + K18 version. The one in the picture is the latter. Temples for this version are fashioned from the world first welding technology using β-Titanium and solid 18 Karat Gold. It is perfectly balanced, making the most of the weight of solid gold at the temple end. The 18 Karat Gold gives exclusive rich look, elastic and soft touch. The front rim is only 0.7mm thin and the wire core is only 0.9mm thin. The temples are designed with optimum curvature in order to provide the best comfort.

KOKI Collection 087 & 088
The KOKI Collection (光輝) pay homage to the brand’s history by adopting modern technique to re-produce the classic styles of the past. In line with the season, both 087 and 088 offer soft translucent colors. 087 is a bold new acetate style in boston shape. It can be worn by both men and women. 088 is an oversized cat-eye. The use of different acetate colors on the front and the temples adds beauty and elegance to the frame.

Flatiron shows exceptional precision and ultimate refinement. It’s inspired by one of the most famous building in New York, the Flatiron Building. This stylish men’s frame is all metal construction, and its sharp. Refined forms are realized by slimming down the overall proportion. It features new structure combining sliding end piece and rim lock. The state-of-the-art craftsmanship is evident in how FLATIRON is constructed.

GMS-35 is a symbol of classic style expressing intelligence and sophistication. This browline frame uses transparent colors instead of classical colors, adding modern impression to the frame. It features new “M” icon that is carved at the temple end. It is highlighted by the contrast of acetate sheets.

KOKI Collection 086
086 is big square sunglasses that represents coolness and exude confidence. It features Mineral polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating on the back and the iconic breath logo on the front. It also features new bold temple design and the engraved temple core has classic lines detail.

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