For Art’s Sake Introducing: The Fairy Tale of London

Having dealt with a year of isolation and with it, a deeper understanding of the importance of our world and what surrounds us, The Fairy Tale of London is a portrait of self-love, freedom, liberation and our resilience to push through to brighter horizons.

The Fairy Tale of London is a celebration of life and people, it’s a commitment to continue to support charities, inclusivity and progression. You don’t hide behind a mask with For Art’s Sake, you and you solely bring For Art’ Sake to life, playfully, powerfully and perfectly. This collection is made up of 7 sunglasses, 5 optical styles and 6 unique eyewear chains. Each silhouette throughout this collection offers individual character providing an array of emotions for the wearer.

This collection we wanted our designs to offer individual character. You can see this depicted through organic silhouettes and design details.” Says Creative Director Xiwen Zhang-Makridis. “One of the most distinctive things about this collection is the innovative technology, having developed a new lens colour which is seen in Duchess and electro-plating on our optical frames. There are also a select few ‘statement’ styles such as Lemonade and Mars which have been designed specifically for the customer who seeks covetable one-of-a-kind pieces.”

The eyewear is incredibly comfortable and lightweight having been handmade from the finest materials which includes gold plating on the metal, plant-based acetate and real jadestone nose pads which are make-up friendly… perfect for all-day wear!



Check out other styles and eyewear chains:

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