VYCOZ Launches 2021 Kids Collection Campaign With “Space Sweepers” Kot-nim!

VYCOZ, the Korean eyewear brand that combines modern design and advanced technology, designs and creates eyewear that considers wearing comfort and convenience based on a pragmatism mindset. The brand is now attracting huge attention with the launch of the 2021 Kids Collection. Surprisingly, we see Park Ye-rin, the child actress, being photographed for the brand’s latest kids campaign, with the theme “GLOW GROW”. Park Ye-rin recently played Dorothy (Kot-nim) in the Netflix movie “Space Sweepers”, which is regarded as the first Korean space blockbuster.

The VYCOZ 2021 Kids Collection stands out with high-end design, materials, and technology, which make the collection as remarkable as adult eyewear. It emphasizes extraordinarily light weight and ideal fit for children. MAX KIDS, which features modern design, is an essential style that contains the unique sensibility of VYCOZ. GENTLE KIDS adopts material with excellent elasticity and wide range of colorways, gives a pleasant point to the impression.

max kids GENIE
max kids COOKIE
max kids MOMO
gentle kids BENN
gentle kids BASSO
gentle kids BUKI

The metal frames from Max Kids collection uses a special simple hinge structure that does not use screws, making it more secure and durable for children to wear. The nose pads are soft and comfortable, and easy to adjust.