Gentle Monster Develops Multi-Brand Retail | Haus Dosan

Gentle Monster presents the beginning of future retail by launching Haus Dosan, a five-story multi-brand flagship store located in Dosan, S. Korea. The concept venue incorporates the experiential creativity and vision for retail of Gentle Monster, while encompassing sensual artisan cosmetic brand Tamburins and fantasy-inspired dessert brand Nudake. The building is filled with provocative and futuristic art installations, such as the giant six-legged mechanical installation “THE PROBE”, which is a collaborative artwork with Frederik Heyman.

Launching February 2021, HAUS DOSAN marks the beginning of the HAUS concept, combining the three brands into one experience, where in May, Gentle Monster plans to launch an expanded journey through HAUS SHANGHAI, where fans and visitors will get an opportunity to experience various test concepts and content within its walls.

The first floor houses a gigantic structure in the centre, which creates a bizarre scene that no one has seen before and represents Gentle Monster’s bold and daring philosophy.
The second floor is dedicated to Gentle Monster’s optical eyewear.
The third floor is where shoppers will find the brand’s sunglasses collection.
A giant six-legged arachnid created by Frederik Heyman. It is an interactive visual element that features surrounding large screens displaying Gentle Monster content.
Find Tamburins, a couture-inspired cosmetic brand on the 4th floor.
Nudake is located on the B1 floor, offering an array of artistic desserts.
Nudake is located on the B1 floor, offering an array of artistic desserts.

A few days ago, Gentle Monster held a star-studded media event where the town’s most popular stars were invited: BLACKPINK JENNIE, Girl’s Generation Tiffany, MAMAMOO Hwa Sa, Influential actor Ryu Jun Yeol.


2. Tiffany – Ghost 01 (HKD$2,580)

3. Hwa Sa – DUA 01 (HKD$2,260)

Visit ‘HAUS DOSAN 0 10 10 10’ at HAUS DOSAN, 50 Apgujeong-ro 46-gil (Dosan), 06021 Seoul.