Tonysame Newest Celluloid Collection | Irresistible Charms

Probably only those who are familiar with eyeglasses know Celluloid. It is not common, and only a small number of Japanese hand-made eyewear brands still use it nowadays. Celluloid has a low flammability point, and thus, it needs to be carefully handled by hand, and the manufacturing process is much more complicated. Only seasoned craftsmen are able to master celluloid which possess unparalleled transparency, density and flexibility. If you ever get a pair of celluloid frame on hand, you will be allured by its amazing shine which acetate can’t beat. Speaking of Japanese eyewear brands that is best at making celluloid frames, Tonysame should be top the list. Its celluloid frames are not only delicate, lightweight but also rich in colors.

Over the years, celluloid seems to be dull in color, black and tortoiseshell are the most seen ones. However, we can see the breakthrough in color from Tonysame’s latest celluloid collection which plays with colorful blending. The most special feature is its multi-color blooming, such as the mixture of gray and brown, or dark blue, light blue and brown. The color combination is rarely seen from celluloid glasses. With the luster of the material itself, the frame looks even more compelling.

All three models in this collection are made of composite materials which are celluloid and titanium combining into a three-layer structure. The metal rim is either in black, gold, silver, copper and gun colors, which are in harmony with the main color palette of celluloid, and as a result, make them all eye-catching styles.

Rendered in Boston shape, TS-10741 looks gentle and intimidating. It looks like a round shape but actually not, making it an easy match for different face shades

▲ TS-10742 is like a rounded inverted triangle with a flat upper edge and a pointed lower edge. The edgy look itself also reveals a confidence image.

▲ TS-10743 adopts Panto round shade, which is especially suitable for people with larger head and face size. Of course, it is also a fashion staple for people who love big frame.

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