LineArt CHARMANT: Aura of Elegance Enriched with Glitter

LineArt CHARMANT is a premium eyewear brand from CHARMANT. This is an exquisitely beautiful collection inspired by music and featuring frames are so light and comfortable. The A/W collection focus on colour, such as glittering finished by fine color mix of green and shiny light gold, as well as new color palettes in mint. Adding fresh and elegant flavor to your style in this festival season. Like the other collection, the brand adopts the patented EX-Ti (Excellence Titan) with meticulous craftsmanship, creating eyewear with superior wearing comfort and elegant shapes.

▲ Menuet, the new LineArt CHARMANT design consists of twisting two lines. The word ‘menuet’ was adapted from French menuet, it describes the two people dance gracefully in small steps. Similar to the menuet collection XL2906-GP, two lines weave apart but join perfectly with dainty parts. Glittering temples was hand-painted in CHARMANT Japan, uniquely design and giving you a highlight with your autumn outfit.

▲ The Duo XL2909-GP demonstrated the brand’s signature lightness in a beautiful design made from superior Excellence Titan material. LineArt CHARMANT designed curvy temples were adorned with two floral motif metal studs.  Glitter powder-coating is added on the rim of this soft cat-eye frame, this shimmery design can help your eyes sparkle through the frame, create a different style.

▲ If you are on the hunt for half-rim frame, XL2908-GP under the Tro line is the one you can go for. This classic frame is embellished with four sparking crystals on each side of the eyewear. It connects perfectly with flexible Excellence Titan temple, which is decorated with the glitter powder-coating finish. This distinctive pairs exude a luxury and elegance look.
Instagram: charmant_hk