Key Colors of 2021 | Forecast Eyewear Color Trend

Generally, the trend of color is a cycle of time. However, those colors jumping out from the color palette and becoming the star of the fashion topic all have their own reasons and stories under the curtain. For example, the most popular colors in 2021 i.e. Quiet Wave, A.I Aqua, Lemon Sherbet, and Good Gray, are all putting together the new year’s map of tendency with different characters by involving different fashion items.

Quiet Wave: Color of the Tranquility

A moment of quiet and tranquility is the most invaluable in this era of information flooding. And therefore the quiet green “Quiet Wave” 072–69–24 stands out for its lightness and quietness, just like the refreshing breeze while people are lying on the coast.

① LW40047U, the new design of LOEWE, brings the indie-pop flavor, with the retro flavor style and main tone of color the grass green fused in the acetate.
② BERLUTI, which is famous for its leather products, has also produced eyewear in Quiet Wave color, among which there are non-traditional aviator glasses with one-piece lenses and turquoise trim, bringing a sense of avant-garde elegance.
③ DYNE’s DY005 adopts a removable-goggles cover structure, where the cover is also Quiet Wave making the frame more outstanding and beautiful.
④ Augusto, from the RETROSUPERFUTURE, the Italian handmade eyewear brand adopts a simple rectangular shape, with transparent acetate and light green lenses to bring an ice-like taste.
⑤ SPORTMAX which is famous for its fashionable, free and avant-garde style, brings the new product SM0014 96N with Cat Eye shape, which is also based on a clear lens material. The frame and lens of the same color are harmoniously coordinated, which also reflects the elegance of the Quiet Wave.

A.I Aqua: Color of the Digital Era

There is a huge amount of unknown space for exploration, with stepping into the digital and the Internet era, especially with the advance of 5G technology. It is even said this is the beginning of the third industrial revolution. As technologies have penetrated into every corner of the world, the “color of the Internet” (or the Internet color) AI Aqua also stood out. The ice blue tone with the sense of avant-garde is very popular in the fashion world and is thus successfully integrated into the sports and leisure fashion sector. These made AI Aqua leave a markable trace in the trend circle.

① Calvin Klein Jeans’ new design CKJ20505S is decorated with A.I Aqua color in the center of the lenses, exuding an extremely prominent visual sense.
② The SACRO of RETROSUPERFUTURE also uses the futuristic ice-blue tones as the main tone of the frame, with light gray lenses, exuding an avant-garde cyber atmosphere.
③ Metal frames using A.I Aqua tone also brings a different flavor. The representative of this season is TRESBIND, which was founded by Yuki Kinoshita, designer of Eque.M and Puyi Optical. COMIC I adopts irregular bright steel silver with A.I Aqua gradient lenses. The frame is made of 0.7mm thin metal, which offers light-weight wearing comfort.
④ Another high-profile fashion label BALENCIAGA has this BB01111S in this season, also features A.I Aqua lenses, with retro-looking oversize butterfly frames.
⑤ The Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette, which is known for its lightness, has launched the Titan Breeze model with aqua-blue lens which can provide 100% UV protection. The rounded curve is enriched with the double bridge enhancing wearers’personality.

Lemon Sherbet: Color of Soothing Strength

Vibrant yellow symbolizes hope and enthusiasm. Just like the colors of many toys using warm yellow as the color tone. And Lemon Sherbet (046-85-28), known as one of the most popular colors, is another reinterpretation of yellow which is gentle enough to give people a firm sense of strength. The light color of the Lemon Sherbet has a calming and healing power, and it also preserves the lovely side. There are also many eyeglasses adopting Lemon Sherbet as the main color tone.

① A BATHING APE has launched the frameless Aviator model BS13003 which makes use of simple lines with Lemon tonal filters and is full of dynamic style.
② For the LA brand JACQUES MARIE MAGE model Ringo, it is presented with a tortoiseshell inner frame with black metal outer frame. The small round frame is equipped with lemon-toned lenses, which implements the brand’s traditional American retro and luxurious style.
③ For the LA brand JACQUES MARIE MAGE model Ringo, it is presented with a tortoiseshell inner frame with black metal outer frame. The small round frame is equipped with lemon-toned lenses, which implements the brand’s traditional American retro and luxurious style.
④ FENDI Pack also made use of Lemon Sherbet as the main color tone. Setting itself in Teardrop shape, the frame is a distinguish style with sharp color contrast resulting from the combination of yellow frame and top bar in black.

Good Gray: Color of Moderation

Between the black and white, there is a neutral gray area, which is endowed with infinite possibilities because of its own moderation. Good Gray 122-66-02 is hailed as the Up & Coming hue in the fashion circle, with medium saturation and a little blue hue, presenting a stable, minimalist and professional style. The fashion industry and the eyewear industry have recently fallen in love with using this kind of harmonious gray for all kinds of fashion items to bring peace and harmony.

① Among the metal frames which is dressed in Good Gray, Markus T’s T3 is a remarkable one. It is made of pure titanium, rustless, anti-corrosion, however extremely light, and most importantly it will not cause skin allergies. It’s 0.6 cm width temple is produced by high-tech laser technology which is capable of creating fine and delicate line.
② Speaking of the representative of Japanese handmade frames, there is Yuichi Toyama, which emphasizes both art and structural aesthetics. Its crown-shaped U-122 has a clear gray frame with a metal inner frame, full of elegant retro aura!
③ The model Dimension AVALA, from Swiss brand GOTTI which is famous for its simplicity, uses a Flattop shape with a calm gray tone. It is made of Polyamide 3D material. Though thick in appearance, it has a surprising light weight.
④ Diesel DL0322 which is made of translucent Pantographed Plastic has a flattop cat-eye shape with a minimalist gray tone, which makes it a true fashion statement piece.
⑤ Combining Japanese craftsmanship with American genes, DITA is always a highly sought-after brand. It’s classic Lancier series also came back with the Good Gray color. Temples and nose pad are made of non-slippery rubber, which can be adjusted according to the wearer’s movement.