Italian Brand Tour: Fashion Artwork Eyewear

In the past, eyeglasses were viewed as a tool to improve eyesight, but now they have become an important fashion item and an indispensable accessory in styling. Eyeglasses have different styles just like clothing, classic, mature, playful, wild, elegant, luxurious, stylish, if selected properly, they can be the icing on the cake. In the previous articles, we have introduced different Italian eyewear brands with different styles, this time it will be about fashion eyewear.

ZEROUNDICI has been launched back in 2016 by two entrepreneur brothers who want to convey the post-industrial roots of Turin and its urban geometric looks and underground spaces. The result is a series of discerning fashion eyewear with tough and capable lines, grandeur, full of space and three-dimensionality, which is quite impressive. Zeroundici’s tribute to a glorious past and a thriving future in the application of technique and know-how is the hexagonal bolt, a distinctive element for the brand standing also for the strong and indissoluble bond with own roots.

The new ZEROUNDICI collection is born from a careful study on the urban plan Turin development, on the blocks evolution and on the emancipation of the post-industrial, modern and futuristic architecture. Like CIT TURIN mod., influenced by an architectural exaltation of the neighborhood where the first city skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano was created and by the 200 variant that has changed the city mood, from a gloomy workman one into a sparkling European venue. Colors have been conceived in a similar way to what was experimentally synthesized in Turin back in 1979, the so called “Color Project”. A complex plan to define the procedures of color picking for the city center buildings, which the brand took inspiration from in choosing acetates for the different collections.

Romeo Gigli is a legendary Italian fashion brand which was a smash hit in the 1980s, and the influence of the brand is still scattered in brands today. Romeo Gigli’s design style is very clear, with a romantic and gorgeous Italian style, full of atmospheric decoration, but without losing the elegant and graceful noble temperament. Since 2008 Logoproject Design has acquired the license for the Romeo Gigli Eyewear brand. From these early beginnings the collaboration has resulted in Italian handmade production and designs that enhance the strong heritage of the brand, while always remaining in harmony with modern high fashion trends and international taste.

The acetate models are made from Mazzucchelli Italia sheets which contain 80% virgin celluloid and are subject to a maturing process which makes the product lighter, more rigid, and resistant. The sheets are kept at constant temperature and humidity for one week in an oven to remove water from the acetate and give greater stability to the material. The metal models are made of medical stainless steel with temple inserts which are obtained from die casting. The hinges are milled – not welded, the nose pads are also made from medical stainless steel. Electroplating is a process of 7 layers by electric induction.