Italian Brand Tour: Functional Beauty

When eyewear is regarded more like fashion accessories today, there are still many eyewear designers who are devoted to improve eyewear design with better quality, wearing comfort and durability, after all, it’s a daily necessity to many in the world, especially to those who have to wear eyeglasses for the whole day. The quality, structure and comfort of eyewear should really be key considerations, apart from its look. In here below you will be introduced to 2 Italian brands that seamlessly combine functional design and modern aesthetics.

The idea of YUGAAV EYEWEAR was born after various experiences in the field of small parts for glasses. The team has worked for large companies providing solutions and technical advice mainly in the field of hinges. For a couple of years now the team has decided to start its own production. With more than 20 patents behind it, YUGAAV is confident that it can offer the market ideas and products that solve problems that have always been present in the eyewear sector, without neglecting the design.

The appearance of YUGAAV may look a bit simple and slender to you, however, what’s inside contains profound design knowledge. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which isn’t seen frequently in the market, is extremely light, has strong hardness and corrosion resistance, and has a good matte texture. It is suitable for users who value texture and weight. The arm part is made of beta titanium to make very thin lines, and the end of the arm is covered with plastic, which makes the eyeglasses more comfortable to wear and achieves better balance on the face. The most impressive thing about YUGAAV is its no screw and no welding structure. In addition to making the surface of the frame smoother, it also avoids excess weight and guarantee light weight of only 7.5 grams.

Products of COPPE-SID are completely handmade in Italy with outstanding craftsmanship and design aesthetics. It has a total of five series, including the ClassicS collection, featuring classic yet contemporary shapes, Coppe-Sid 1957 collection, producing original design of the 50’s, Cosmopolitan collection, giving classic icon a new updated allure, the Parajumpers by COPPE-SID collection, creating sunglasses with an appreciation for classical and timeless design values, the last one Tacc Titanium, which is the Hi-Tech line of the brand, is what we want to talk more about here.

Tacc Titanium collection is a representation of a unique, Italian, patented innovation to upgrade the Nylor Eyewear and give them an Italian colourful but discreet classy glamour. No welding and no screws titanium frames combined with very high-quality nylon material allows good stability and light weight. It also gives you the possibility: to easily mount lenses; to personalize colours and style; to change temples if needed; to adjust for longer or shorter temples lengths; to renew your frames changing lenses shape or nylon colour when desired.