Italian Brand Tour: Bejeweled Eyes

Italy is not only the capital of art and fashion, but also the kingdom of luxury goods. It is the country with arguably the most luxury brands. From this perspective, we can say that Italians value a lot the quality of life. Leading a decent and beautiful life is what it’s meant to be. Jewelry can be regarded as an indispensable part of Italian lives. Adding a little jewel to their daily dress is where charm begins. Italy’s jewelry making craftsmanship is also renowned for a century. The locally designed and produced jewelry eyewear are highly sought after by the world. In this article, we are going to introduce to you three glamorous Italian brands.

Brand: Pier Martino
Pier Martino Luxury Eyewear™ is a synonymous of made in Italy excellence, 20 years of craftsmanship experience into optical world translated into unique pieces created to magnify everyone’s beauty. The decorative element becomes even more important in the line of sunglasses Pier Martino Jewels, quintessence of the brand and a symbol of refinement, charm, luxury and exclusivity. Tempered with precious crystals or worked with precious metals such as gold, the glasses become a real jewel, while guaranteeing the perfect wearability and lightness in which all Pier Martino glasses excel.

Born from the partnership with the best Venetian jewelers and goldsmiths, the collection has a limited edition, to maintain its character of singularity and magnificence, and to exalt with a touch of magic the personal style of every woman who wears it. From the material to the luxury, the realization of these models requires processing a wide range of materials, excellent raw materials and inimitable design, just as anyone who chooses this unique collection will be inimitable.

Brand: Trevi Coliseum
Trevi-Coliseum was born in Cadore Area, nestled in the Dolomites, back in 1971 by virtue of the Valmassoi bothers. With its innovation, exploration and courage to break the boundaries, it has become one of the best known eyewear manufacturers in the world also thanks to its handicraft tradition and the excellent quality/price ratio of its products. Trevi-Coliseum has increased its commercial offer responding to different customers’ needs by introducing reading glasses, clip-on models, children frames, ready-made glasses & sunglasses. Amongst them, Coliseum adopts high quality standard materials and brand new handcraft techniques, characterizing the innovation of this collection.

The latest Coliseum Crystal is an extension of the luxury level of the Coliseum series. It incorporates crystal and diamond cutting surface processing technology. It has unparalleled precision and sophistication. It perfectly combines romantic inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship. With its elegant lines and charming charm It is deeply fascinating. The process of this product is carved with a diamond carving knife, and the frame is processed by the hands of experienced craftsmen with meticulous detail. The ice-clear crystal material is set off by the pure black frame, like the beauty of stardust in the night sky, bright and charming, and the lady naturally shines after wearing it.

Brand: Dario Martini
Elegant design, exquisite details and top quality have always been synonymous with DARIO MARTINI, which is the major line of MARTINI OCCHIALI, a company with more than 30 years of experience in eyewear production. DARIO MARTINI includes a wide range of women’s models embellished with Swarovski crystals, as well as elegant men’s models. MARTINI OCCHIALI’s main intention is to offer its customers high quality, refined glasses with a touch of elegance and sobriety, proudly produced 100% in Italy.

Eyewear of DARIO MARTINI are all inlaid with Swarovski crystals. Crystals are known as the closest jewels to diamonds, and Swarovski crystals enjoy the highest status among crystals, each sparkling with clear and translucent refraction. The brand’s recent new works continue to showcase bold, innovative and dazzling styles. The flashy temples embellished with crystals are carefully carved by master craftsmen to accentuate the gorgeous and exquisite taste of the frame. The new works bring rich styles, and the classic metal frames also have different personalized silhouettes, which are embellished with exquisite crystal details.