CHARMANT Face Shield is Available Now

Coronavirus pandemic is like what Bill Gates called, a “nightmare scenario”. In order not to be infected, we are consciously aware of wearing masks in public and take different prevention measures, such as washing hands frequently, using alcohol disinfectant, and even wearing gloves, etc., showing a high degree of protection awareness. Front-line workers such as those who work in service industry, social welfare care, etc. wear even face shield to avoid contact with droplets. CHARMANT, the leading manufacturer and distributor of eyewear in Japan officially launched Charmant Shield, which helps to reduce the risks of transmission from droplets and accidental face touch.

It was ergonomically designed by CHARMANT for maximum comfort. The Shield was developed with a focus on comfort and usability so that it will not cause pain or discomfort even after all-day wearing. The frame is springy and fits your head gently. It is available in two sizes to fit men, women and children. You can put on, remove or move up & down the face shield easily and fit comfortably with the grip without touching the film. Each set of Charmant Shield consists of 1 frame + 2 special films + 1 silicone tube for fine adjustment and is priced at HK$79 per set.

Charmant Shield installation instruction:

Charmant Shield Features:
• Ergonomically design fro maximum comfort
• Lightweight
• Easily put on and removed
• Can be worn over glasses

• Can be cleaned with alcohol or 0.1% Sodium hypochlorite
• Do not place in autoclave (frame alone can be sterilized in boiling water for no more than 5 minutes)

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