22° Eyewear | 100% Recycled, 100% HK

22° Eyewear is one of the very few eyewear brands designed and produced in Hong Kong by Pazo Ho, a bigwig in local eyewear industry. It’s a one-of-a-kind brand that create eyewear which is truly original, recyclable and even floatable. Different from some other eco-friendly products that need to go through complicated procedures to transfer, collect then end up recycle with only small percentage of the material, the 22° Eyewear is recyclable with almost the whole frame. The utilization of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and titanium make every piece sustainable and ethical. This highly soft and flexible acetate material also allows frame to float on water, which is another interesting concept and function.

The first collection L series comes with 6 styles in 10mm thickness. The special raw look and texture of the acetate adds eccentric yet modern touch to the frames. The lenses are placed in an irregular arrangement with charming effect, resulting in the highest chemical effect between the rim, lenses and space. It is also nose-pad free. The nose fitting can be adjusted to all types of nose shapes. Asian and non-Asian fitting is no longer an issue in this collection.

C Series is the newest collection of the brand. It offers clip-on part which is hand-made of recycle material, the abovementioned Acetate and titanium. Each style provides 2 completely different looks for customers to change (with and without Clip-on). This series is super light, comfy to wear and certainly can float on water with the Clip-on attached.