CHARMANT Z SS20 Eyewear Collection | Superior Comfort

CHARMANT Z is synonymous with ultimate eyewear excellence. Made for modern men who lead demanding lives and appreciate sharp looks, these high-tech, Japanese engineered frames deliver like no other, providing superior comfort, style and top quality that lasts. Aesthetically sophisticated, with smooth masculine lines, refined design accents and smart performance-enhancing features, CHARMANT Z’s lightweight profiles are moulded from strong, ultra-flexible Z-titanium and put wearer comfort at the fore.

Three new Impact Models enhance the CHARMANT Z collection. Titanium is the material of choice for this upmarket brand, thanks to its superior strength and weightlessness. With these latest models, however, designers focus on titanium’s metallic beauty, bringing function and style together to reveal the most alluring temple composition: short titanium pipes, interspersed by injection parts and a Z titanium core, lend these temples unheard of strength, flexibility and elegance.


ZT27013 CHARMANT Z presents style and quality in this fresh full-rim look. The accentuated brow line leaves a seductive, academic impression.  Temples boast CHARMANT Z’s renowned flexibility in an ingenious arrangement of titanium pipes and Z titanium core. Masculine and sophisticated, wearers will luxuriate in the comfort and optics of this superior frame.


ZT27014 Make a style statement and keep quality standards high with this iconic frame from the latest CHARMANT Z collection. The milling, full-rim model hints at vintage with its understated, bold form. Japanese technology and material excellence collide in the striking, super flexible temple composition, which features a sequence of short titanium pipes with a Z titanium core. This is premium eyewear for sartorialists.


ZT27015 When it comes to style, comfort and quality CHARMANT Z is the eyewear choice for urbane men. This slender metallic profile is composed of a handsome, square-rimmed expression and an elevated bridge. Temples are striking, with their row of titanium pipes encasing a Z titanium core. This elaborate structure heightens the frame’s cultured appeal while packing a high-tech punch: flexibility and strength are second to none thanks to this performance-enhancing arrangement.
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