Emmanuelle Khanh: Modern Mixes With Historical Codes

At the dawn of the 70s, Emmanuelle Khanh presents her first eyewear collection with oversized volumes, which will become a fashion accessory in her own right and the signature of her own style, both elegant and eccentric. Today, under the artistic direction of Eva Gaumé, the eyewear and accessories collections follow this joyful, free and feminist character by instinct, to write the history of the House in the present. Inspired by women. Her creations celebrate those who, by their stories, carry in them a little Emmanuelle Khanh.

The Heritage collection offers a contemporary vision of the House’s historical codes, to which it remains faithful: clear frames, carved acetate and bold colors in a resolutely feminine spirit. Faithful to the quality requirement dear to its founder, the collections are drawn in Paris and manufactured in France in the tradition of authentic know-how.