EYEVAN x Dennis Morris Collaboration

In 1972, founded in Japan with the concept “eyewear for dressing as a fashion as a fashion accessory”. EYEVAN was one of the initiative that expressed eyewear as fashion. Since it was re-launched in 2017, EYEVAN has been evolving to be a brand that goes beyond fashion, creating a new outlook and giving impact on culture, such as art, music and literature. After the first collaboration with the world leading product designer, Tokujin Yoshioka, EYEVAN released the second collaboration models based on a concept of “NEW WAVE, working together with London based legendary photographer, Dennis Morris.

SPUTNIK is a model inspired by the sunglasses that one of the top artists, John Lydon was wearing when Dennis took a picture of him. As a photographer, Dennis designed and mixed detailed features of cameras into this model. CR39, original 2 curved partially mirror lenses are combined with original 3.2mm thick titanium rim. Beta titanium temple core is used to maximize comfortable fitting. Limited production of 300 pcs in worldwide.

UPTOWN is a model inspired by the large-sized sunglasses that Dennis himself was wearing when he was young. As a photographer, Dennis designed and mixed detailed features of negative films onto the temple core of this model. CR39, original colors and 6 curved lenses that complement this large-sized sunglasses are adopted. Limited production of 360 pcs in worldwide. http://eyevaneyewear.com