Huawei X Gentle Monster Smart Eyewear

Huawei, the tech giant made the announcement at its product launch event in Paris that they are partnering with the Korean fashion eyewear brand Gentle Monster to produce a series of smart glasses that people might be willing to wear in public. The proposed smart eyewear has a usual fashionable eyewear look that is not cyber at all. Not like the type of tedious smart glasses that we’ve seen before. The lack of camera also gives the glasses a more normal feeling.

Users can tap the temple of the glasses to answer calls through the dual mics and speakers as well as access the voice assistant. The glasses are IP67 dust and water resistant, and they can charge wirelessly via the specially designed case that holds the glasses, which has a 2,200mAh battery, or via the USB-C port. No price has been announced yet, but the glasses are estimated to launch sometime in June or July 2019.