Explore Store: SOSEKI

SOSEKI is by far the most poetic optical shop name that we’ve ever heard. Rooted in the beautiful city Hangzhou, China, SOSEKI is founded by Kris in 2015. The Chinese name of the shop (漱石) is originated from one significant history book in China. The shop name implies the meaning of the seclusive life. Kris wishes that SOSEKI can serve as a tranquil base in this bustling city.

Before the founding of SOSEKI, Kris worked as a reseller of fashion label. This explains his discerning fashion sense. His nearsightedness has turned to an opportunity for him to learn more about eyewear. In addition, as he felt that the local market for high-end glasses was undeveloped, he began to introduce high-quality Japanese brands to his customers, and later on, Kris also opened his own door and that’s when SOSEKI started.

SOSEKI currently has three branches in Hangzhou. Each store is designed by different designers with different design concept. Therefore, stores are unique in term of the interior design. The shop located in Grand Canal Place, Hangzhou, is designed with a design concept that creates multiple spatial effects in a small space. The use of multi-layer walls divides the store into multiple artistic spaces. Kris is also particular about the selection of materials. The use of anodized aluminum plate, pure brass and marble create an exquisite and clean style for the shop.

Instead of grouping together the product of same brand, Kris display eyewear with similar styles in one area. This is because Kris understands that most Mainland customers do not have a lot of understanding of the designer brands. By adopting this display approach, the focus is on the product itself and not the brand. This approach clearly reflects Kris’s understanding of the customer. Meanwhile, we can tell that he is a foresighted business operator who does not follow traditional concept.

Challenges are inevitable during any business. The ability to tackle the problem and reverse the situation is the real test for company. From 2015 to 2016, the demand for Japanese handmade eyewear was a blow-out period, and SOSEKI therefore had a more significant market share in these two years. However, since 2017, the market has gradually become saturated, and at the same time, the popularity of Japanese spectacles has sharply declined. As a result, their performance shrunk in the same year. In order to reverse the predicament, Kris was committed to extending the variety of sunglasses. He also managed to win the dealership from CHROME HEARTS and LINDBERG. SOSEKI has survived with even bigger power to combat challenges.

There’re a wide range of brands sold in SOSEKI and most of them are handcrafted frames. Kris told us that basically they consider only the frames which are made in Japan. There’re not many non-Japanese made optical frames in the shop besides a number of big brands like LINDBERG, MOSCOT. As for sunglasses, the number of type is not much but all the frames are the most up-to-date design.

“One Frame In a Lifetime” is the philosophy of SOSEKI. We hope customers can find their special and perfect one in SOSEKI”

Kris’s Eyewear Recommendation

CHROME HEARTS Sluntradiction

As the most iconic model, Sluntradiction perfectly integrates acetate and titanium. The metal plate engraving CHROME HEARTS on top of the brow bar and the signature cross element on the temple fully highlight luxury and exquisiteness. 

LINDBERG Horn 1827

The HORN 1827 is the perfect presentation to the pure Nordic luxury design that LINDBERG follows. This luxury concept has been taken to a new height with this handcrafted natural buffalo horn frame. The buffalo horn is all natural and is meticulously sculpted. Each pair of the frame possesses unique patterns and colors ensuring the world best quality eyewear that customer can get.


Frames of LEISURE SOCIETY are created with ultra-complicated process. The exquisite titanium frame becomes different under the complicated carving. No matter whether it is the nose pad, the temple or the front frame design, it can be seen from the details that the craftsmen are skillful to produce state-of-the-art piece. Top quality materials are used while the frames are surprisingly lightweight.


Made of light and strong titanium metal materials, this Ryder sunglasses has been maintaining high popularity. Titanium nose pads paired with the use of high-grade glass lens exude a charming and fashionable taste above the very military aviator style.

Shop Address:

  • Floor/B1, Grand Canal Place, No.58 Lishui Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
  • Floor/1, No.77 Huanglong Sports Centre, Xueyuan Road, Xiwu District, Hangzhou
  • Floor/1, Binjiang Area, No. 1380-1382 Jianghan Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou
  • Floor/LG1, One Avenuel, Centre Business District, Futian District, Shenzhen (Will be open in late December this year)