Eyewear Influencer On Instagram: Jennifer Bitsche

Jennifer Bitsche, an eyewear blogger living in Austria, didn’t have much affection for eyewear when she was small, like most of the little eyewearer who don’t like extra stuff on their face. However, she found the beauty of eyewear when it evolves to be a super powerful fashion accessory. And now her husband is an optometrist. Obviously, she is destined to stay around eyewear in her life. Jennifer has a blog where she shares eyewear, fashion and everything eye related.

Instagram: @faceprint . eyewear love

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am absolute passionate about eyewear and this is also the reason why I started my own eyewear fashion blog www.faceprint.at two years ago. Together with my husband we are also running the first eyewear concept store in our area (Vorarlberg, Austria)  www.hingucker.at, where we sell our favourite eyewear together with other lifestyle products. I’ve noticed that there are many good fashion bloggers out there, but no-one has really a focus on eyewear. So my goal is to tell more about the eyewear labels, industry and trends. Beside that I love everything around fashion, photography and jazz music. I am looking always for the different thing you can find everywhere. 

How did you become a digital influencer?

I don’t know if I would call myself a digital influencer. I just share my passion online and I am happy when I see that there are other people, who appreciate my content, my pictures and my stories. 

What’s the most interesting part for being an eyewear expert?

That you can tell stories. An eyewear expert is probably always one of the first person who gets informed, when something is new on the market. You can have really good connections with labels and maybe sometimes your are one of the first, who will see the latest collection of the eyewear labels. As an expert you can try a lot of different glasses and you get pretty fast an idea of good and bad products. 

What’s a typical day like for you on the job?

I don’t have a typical day :). But nevertheless I start my day with a good breakfast and a perfect coffee at home. For sure I have to do a lot of mails and social media work. But it depends if I am having meetings or not, when I will do the computer work. My photo editing I am doing mainly in the evening. 

What’s your story with eyewear?

As a child I was already faced with the issue „glasses“ – then still with unhappy feelings. But luckily the subject „glasses” changed over time. Today, it is a super nice and also strong accessory statement. Glasses changes you. Glasses convince and glasses flatter. Precisely for this reason I love spectacles.

Can you tell us more about Hingucker?

Hingucker is the first eyewear concept store in our area in Austria. Together with my husband and our staff we are running the store which has the main focus on wonderful eyewear. It looks and feels more like a living room, where you can find the latest products from awesome eyewear brands, lifestyle products, interior, books, cosmetic and so on. We are also selling our private label ” Hingucker“ glasses there. 

What’s your recent favourite eyeglasses?

Oh, I always have more favourite glasses at one time. But at the moment I love to wear the simple and minimalistic „Farrell“ from Vinyl Factory. 

Please name a few eyewear brands which deserve our attention. 

Vinyl Factory and Freakshow, Andy Wolf because it’s an Austrian brand with one of the best designs. They set trends – I am sure about this.

A more masculine one is “Blackfin“ but they also have really nice glasses for women. 

I also like the simplicity and elegance of Lunor. And if I am thinking of different materials I love Hoffmann Natural Eyewear and Rolf Spectacles. 

If you could go back and make any changes, what would they be?

I would start my eyewear blog faceprint much earlier. 

What are your plans for the future?

I will always try to tell stories about eyewear to the end consumer. I will show them, that there are many awesome independent brands which they should know. 

I would love to tell the consumer that eyewear is really fashionable and that’s one of the most important things. A lot of people own many different shoes or bags, but eyewear is the first thing you see at a people’s face, when you talk to them. So eyewear is a statement you set in your face and therefore it’s important to invest in good and awesome glasses, which really fits to you. So for my opinion people should recognise, that it’s also nice to have more different glasses, that they can change it more often for different occasions. 

Your favourite motto, city, and song.

My motto: Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it you.

My favourite cities are New York, Singapore, Copenhagen & Stockholm. 

Song: Coffee Cold – Galt MacDermot