Eyewear Influencer On Instagram: Erik Konstadinos Engelv

Photo Credit: Yurika Palmqvist

Erik Konstadinos Engelv is a Swedish eyewear influencer with a passion for the independent eyewear scene. Live and work in Stockholm, he shares photos of him wearing different eyewear with fabulous shades on his Instagram account.

Instagram: @erikseyes

How would you define your style?

My style is an eclectic mix of classic designs. I choose eyewear based on design and quality and I don´t care if it is called menswear or womenswear or unisex. If i like it I wear it!

How did it all begin to become an eyewear expert?

After working as an optician assistant for several years, I realized that there are many brands that goes “under the radar”. So I decided to start my first blog in order to really find unique designs and I only write about the stuff I like. That means that as an eyewear brand you need to stand out, work with high quality materials and be independent to be featured on my platform.

What does eyeglasses mean to you?

For me eyewear are a way of expressing myself. It is an accessory that literally sits “in ur face”, so why not make something fun out of it 🙂

Can you share with us your favourite glasses?

At the moment I really love my new optical Fakfarers from russian brand FakByFak. The design is impecable and its a perfect example of classical design made in a new way. And also my superlight frames from Silhouette.

Please name a few eyewear brands which deserve our attention.

Of course FakByFak – they really have transformed the brand into wearable eyewear with a beautiful twist.

Jacques Marie Mage – I just love the frames and heavy yet chic designs.

Götti – they are really using new techniques and trying out new stuff.

Oscar Magnuson – a low key swedish brand with beautiful design and amazing colors.

Please share with our reader the tricks to select the right pair of glasses.

Make sure that the eyewear brings out your personality and have fun while choosing. Don´t just go for the brands you already know – be open to find smaller brands that usually offers more tailored fits and the little twists that makes the frame YOURS!

What would be the next big hit for eyewear?

The next big hit is that independent eyewear brands will continue to grow as consumers are more conscious when choosing eyewear. At the moment we see that collections are being more eclectic in order to cover as many different styles as possible in one collection, so brands with smaller collections showing strong points of view and strong heritage will actually have the oppurtunity to find new markets.

What’s your belief in life?

That a positive and honest personality feeds good energies around you.

Your favourite motto, city, person and song: My favourite motto is from the disney film ratatouille: Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. Favourite city: I have to say Paris. Favourite song: My music is as eclectic as my eyewear 🙂 But one of my all time favourite songs is Little Bit by swedish artist Lykke Li.