Things To Know About Eyewear: Numbers On Your Eyeglasses

As a glasses wearer, you must notice a set of numbers stamped on the inside of your eyeglasses, but not all of you understand the meaning behind the numbers, right? In fact, those digits can be really useful especially if you are going to shop for glasses online. Eyeglasses are like human body that possess measurements – 3 sizes for the key parts. And nearly all eyewear shows those numbers. Here we are going to explain more about these measurements.

Normally, we can see the brand logo, model number, color code, manufacturing place, material and a set of digits on the frame temples. Those digits represents measurement in millimeters of 3 parts. Let’s take this glasses as an example. The first number “52” represents the width of the lens. 15 shows the distance between the two lens or we name it the distance of bridge. 148 refers to the length of the temple.

By knowing this set of numbers, we can roughly get an idea about the size of the frame. Even if we cannot literally try on the frame, at least we can make estimation based on the measurement provided. If the width of the front frame is 52×2+15=119mm, but the width of your head is far more than 120mm, you will probably feel tight and pressed.  Knowing these numbers will make online shopping of eyewear easier. It’s important to know the size of glasses so you can make the best purchase! Of course, the comfort of the frame can only be tested and proved by real try-on!