The idea of YUGAAV EYEWEAR was born after various experiences in the field of small parts for glasses. Our team has worked for large companies providing solutions and technical advice mainly in the field of hinges. For a couple of years now the team has decided to start its own production. With more than 20 patents behind it, Yugaav is confident that it can offer the market ideas and products that solve problems that have always been present in the eyewear sector, without neglecting the design.

    創辦YUGAAV EYEWEAR的想法是在總結了眼鏡配件領域的各種經驗後誕生的。品牌團隊曾經為行業內的大型企業提供鉸鏈的解決方案和技術建議。近年來,他們決定開始自行生產產品。YUGAAV 擁有20多項專利,因此他們有信心在兼顧設計的前提下,提供解決眼鏡行業難題的市場創意和產品。