來自時尚界著名設計師 Jw 的設計,採用復古和時尚並存的文化元素,將古典與前衛融入眼鏡的設計,讓眼鏡外觀內斂而不失熱情,沉穩又不失個性,將復古與個性完美地合為一體。將 VPAI LOGO 融入眼鏡設計,創意來源拉丁字母 V,它代表前衛和領先。2015 年,設計師與新視野眼鏡有限公司合作推出了時尚潮流眼鏡品牌 VPAI 眼鏡。

    Designed by renowned fashion designer Jw, designs incorporate cultural elements of both retro and contemporary fashion, seamlessly blending classical and avant-garde styles into eyewear design. The result is a restrained yet passionate appearance, exuding a sense of composure and individuality, perfectly combining vintage aesthetics with personal flair. The VPAI logo is integrated into the eyewear design, with its creative inspiration derived from the Latin letter V, symbolizing innovation and leadership. In 2015, the designer collaborated with New Vision Eyewear Limited to launch the fashionable eyewear brand VPAI Eyewear.