196 colours of acetate are chosen in different shades every six months to create three trillion different colour combinations for frames that include 8 to 12 colours. It takes 41 days to make one pair of glasses. 0.5-1 cm thick acetate plates are cut and then glued together using three different types of glue. The semi-finished product is left for 12 days under 300 kg presses and then placed in special ovens for 14 days, at different temperatures to prevent the formation of bubbles and eliminate critical points. At this point, the frames with their unrepeatable mix of colours are ready to undergo the traditional production method.


    在Ultra Limited Eyewear,每六個月就會選擇196種不同色調的板材原料,為包含8到12種不同顏的組合的鏡框創造3萬億種組合。耗時41天製作一副眼鏡:先切下0.5-1釐米厚的乙酸酯板,然後使用三種不同類型的膠水將其粘合在一起。接著,將半成品在300千克的壓力機下放置12天,然後在專用烤箱中在不同溫度下烘烤14天,以防止氣泡的形成並消除應力點。獨一無二色彩的混合鏡框製成後,就由資深眼鏡工匠以傳統技藝將眼鏡切割、打磨、裝嵌。