Thom Browne is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s uniform: the suit. By questioning traditional proportions, Browne’s designs consistently convey a true American sensibility rooted in quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring.

    THOM BROWNE engaged in a license agreement with DITA Eyewear for the design, production and distribution of THOM BROWNE eyewear in 2011. THOM BROWNE eyewear is handcrafted with the same uncompromising quality, meticulous craftsmanship and precise details as DITA’s. it is a natural extension of these principles. Browne designs each pair with the same precision he brings to his ready-to-wear collections, establishing the highest standards in material, construction and finishing.

    It takes countless master craftsmen with decades of experience, months to perfect a single Thom Browne frame. All frames are made in Japan, and marked with the THOM BROWNE’s signature red, white and blue tricolored 5-piece logo temple tips and four stripe details to make its own statement.

    THOM BROWNE以革命性和現代化的西裝而著稱,通過顛覆傳統剪裁,彰顯出植根於優質工藝和精確剪裁的真正美式美學。其於2011年與DITA EYEWEAR簽訂許可協議推出THOM BROWNE 眼鏡,全系列貫徹DITA眼鏡之高質量外,同時將THOM BROWNE成衣系列相同的精細度延伸至每副眼鏡,在用料、結構、造工方面樹立了最高標準。 每副眼鏡均由日本資深手作眼鏡職人累月手作而成,並綴以品牌標誌性紅白藍鏡腳末綴飾和四間細節,辨識度高。