TARIAN ──具有先鋒特質的法國眼鏡品牌,以頑皮的精神為眼鏡世界打開了一扇門,門後是一片由不同色彩、材質和形狀構成的絕色風景。
    自 2011 年以來,TARIAN 創辦人兼設計師 Jeremy Miklarian 便開始以小規模生產的方式,將他對眼鏡的專業知識和對細節的追求投放於創意眼鏡設計之上。
    配戴舒適性和人體工學一直都是 Jeremy 在設計時的關鍵考量,他的目光總是轉向準確性,讓眼鏡成品呈現出最完美無瑕的狀態。
    Jeremy在創作的過程持有柔軟靈活和童真的心,讓用家從 TARIAN 眼鏡身上看到探索、冒險和玩味的氣息。

    TARIAN, the eyewear editor opens the doors to you, with its wave of colors, materials, and shapes, all joyfully orchestrated in a mischievous spirit.
    Since 2011, Jeremy Miklitarian has been cultivating his know-how and his search for details by developing his collections in the form of micro-editions.
    Comfort and ergonomics are the guiding line of his work. The gaze always turned towards accuracy, he will correct faults to underline what is beautiful.
    The artist takes a tender look at this practice and retains the heart of childhood. It is exploring, adventuring and playing that invites us to look differently.