The ROMEO GIGLI collections consists of elegant models in both optical frames and sunglasses. All models are handmade in Italy and deliver a splash of colour and tasteful style. Our products are designed and created by renown professionals with a deep passion for fashion design and modern trends. The ROMEO GIGLI is a result of the product meeting exceptional high quality standards, all frames pass through a skillful craftsmanship process which incorporates in total 48 stages.


    ROMEO GIGLI 系列包括精美的光學鏡架和太陽鏡。所有的款式型號都在義大利純手工製作,煥發出色彩和雅致的風格魅力。產品由對時裝和現代潮流充滿激情的知名專業人士設計創作。ROMEO GIGLI 是產品技術達到非凡高標準的結晶,所有的鏡架都通過48個階段的成熟工藝流程嚴格製作。