Pugnale has distinguished itself since its birth for unique connotations of Italian style by designing eyewear collections with an extremely glamorous character and an unmistakable style.
    Deeply in love with design and with an unbridled passion for the eyewear, Emanuele Pugnale, owner and creative mind of the Company, transfers his mechanical know how into the eyewear world.
    The aim of Pugnale work is like composing a wonderful cocktail of shapes,
    materials, finishing, linked by a single thought: those who will drink this cocktail must first perceive its deepest essence and only after, ponder the ingredients that compose it.


    Pugnale 從誕生之日起就以其獨特的義大利風格而顯得出類拔萃,其系列眼鏡有極高的魅力和鮮明的風格。該公司的所有者及創新精神的靈魂 Emanuele Pugnale 出於對眼鏡設計的無限熱愛,將他的工業設計才能發揮到了這個領域。Pugnale 僅僅通過一個想法就可以通過最簡單的形狀和材料構成一杯極其美妙的幾何雞尾酒, 而“品酒”的人,只有在對這些基本的藝術單元瞭解到最深層次的基礎上,才能明白他設計的妙處所在。