Designed in Denmark and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Japan. It is no exaggeration when we point out that all the collections from nine eyewear really are unique. Ever since the first steps were taken in 2010, nine eyewear has set out to create ultra-light titanium eyewear without superfluous details.

    The weight of our frames, regardless of shape, color and material has always been just about 9 grams. Hence our name nine eyewear.

    Today nine eyewear offers 7 amazing collections. In the third collection we introduced an even lighter material – transparent polyamide – which in collaboration with titanium opened a new world of exciting design possibilities. In the fifth addition to our brand, we conceived the lightest nine eyewear frames ever; nine five – weighing less than 5 grams. The seventh and latest collection, nine origin, pays tribute to the Japanese artisans and the virtues of Japanese craftsmanship.

    在丹麥設計,由日本熟練的工匠手工製作。NINE 眼鏡的所有系列確實都是獨一無二的。自從2010年以來,NINE 眼鏡就著手打造無多餘細節的超輕鈦金屬眼鏡。


    如今,NINE 提供7個與眾不同的系列。 在第三個系列中,我們推出了一種更輕的材料 Transparent Polyamide,與鈦金屬一起打開了令人興奮、充滿設計可能性的新世界。在第五個系列當中,我們構思了有史以來最輕的九款眼鏡架 NINE FIVE,重量不足5克,極致輕盈。