LOOK 是意大利高品質鏡框製造的獨立品牌領導者。作為意大利領先的高端鏡架獨立品牌,LOOK 同時具有意大利風格和國際視野,時尚和色彩是兩大標誌。它開發的產品分為 3 個主要系列:經典、時尚、運動。除了成人眼鏡,LOOK 旗下也有推出 LOOKKINO 兒童眼鏡系列。40 多年來,研究、開發和高品質原材料一直是 LOOK 生產眼鏡的基本原則。

    LOOK is the italian indipendent brand leader in the manufacturing of high quality frames. LOOK is the leading independent Italian brand of high-end frames with Italian style and international flair. FASHION and COLOUR the two hallmarks.
    It develops its products in 3 main collections: ICONS, FASHION, SPORT.
    Both the LOOK line and the children’s line under the LOOKKINO brand.
    For over 40 years, research, development and high quality raw materials have been the founding principles of LOOK production.