Trained as an architect in the historic city of Venice, Lara D’ Alpaos launched her first eyewear collection under the name Lara D’ in 2010. Raised in a family with over 40 years’ expertise in Italian eyewear production, and passionate about fashion and design, her launch collection exceeded all expectations, successfully combining Italian craftsmanship, quality and a whimsical design language – a style that is creative and original, but never out of place.
    Lara’s fascination for architecture and her studies in art conservation, restoration and interior design led her to create her own unique design style in eyewear, linked closely to her passion for innovative industrial design concepts, artistic disciplines and the creative possibilities of playing with nuances of colour. She experiments with form, shape and colour combinations in her artisan frames, while cherishing a deep understanding of the history of eyewear and its evolution through the last decades.

    Lara D’ Alpaos 在歷史悠久的威尼斯接受了建築師的訓練。在2010年,以Lara D’的名義推出了她的第一個眼鏡系列。由於在一個擁有40多年的義大利眼鏡工藝傳承、並且對時尚和設計充滿熱情的家庭中長大,她的眼鏡系列產品超出了所有人的期望。她的作品融合了義大利的工藝、品質和天馬行空的設計語言——兼具創意和原創性,並且永不過時。Lara對建築藝術非常著迷,同時她也對藝術保護、修復,室內設計的研究非常熱衷,而且她對創新工業設計和藝術有著深刻的理解,加之她處理微妙色彩變化的創造力,這一切使得她形成了自己獨特的眼鏡設計風格。她在鏡框工藝中嘗試形狀與色彩的組合,同時也將自己對眼鏡的歷史和其近十年來的發展的深刻瞭解融合進去。