We are an eyewear manufacturers company, based in Italy, working in the eyewear business for more than 40 years, and selling over 50 countries.
    We produce premium Injected eyewear and handmade acetate frames, all 100% Made in Italy. We offer a fully developed chain of production, supporting you in the design and technical decisions.

    Our vision has been constantly to develop fresh and innovative solutions, creating high-quality products to meet the needs of an international clientele attentive to both style and design criteria. Our customers get artisan Italian-made frames with industry-leading optics technology at a reasonable price.

    Furthermore, we have an open models collection available for private label. Please find here our catalogues. We fully design and manufacture our injected glasses and acetate frames.
    The wide range of models is the solid base we use to assist you in creating personalized collections with unique and special combinations.


    LA GIARDINIERA SRL是一家總部位於義大利的眼鏡製造公司,在眼鏡業務領域深耕40餘年,產品銷往50多個國家。我們的注塑眼鏡及手工板材鏡架為100%義大利製造。完整的生產鏈可以為您在設計和技術決策方面提供支援。我們希望能不斷推出新的解決方案、創造高品質產品來滿足注重樣式和設計標準的國際客戶的需求。此外,我們還有可供訂製使用的模型,豐富的眼鏡模型使我們能協助您創建獨特的高端定制眼鏡系列。