KUBORAUM are masks designed on the face of those who wear the masks that highlight personality and emphasis character. The mask is synonymous with mockery, with game. The KUBORAUM masks are synonymous with accentuation, protection and shelter. KUORAUM are like cubic rooms where we shelter ourselves, where we are free to live in our intimacy, where we live all our identities and look at the world through two lenses. All masks are dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy – a brand born in 2012.

    KUBORAUM的設計前曕性強,眼鏡系列超時尚,強調突顯佩戴者的個性和獨特風格。KUBORAUM善於創造不一樣質感、製造大膽創新的顏色和裝飾,組合不同物料和運用線條營造強烈立體感。KUBORAUM 鏡框上沒有顯眼的品牌標誌,非凡獨特又驚喜的鏡框風格就是品牌的屬專標記。KUBORAUM所有眼鏡在柏林構思和設計,在意大利手工製造。